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My Honorary Mayor Campaign will Benifit the following Non-Profit organizations:


Los Angeles Police Department Harbor Division Cadet Program​

The Harbor Area Boosters Association is the non profit which helps fund the LAPD Harbor Division Cadet Post. The Cadet Program is a community-based crime prevention program that aims to empower youth, ages 13 to 17 years, and maximize their personal and scholastic potential through the emphasis of the program’s four cornerstones: Leadership, Academic Excellence, Ethical and Wise Decision-Making, and Community Stewardship.  It is considered the LAPD’s signature youth program and has proven to be its most enduring.

The Cadet Program, formerly referred to as the “Police Explorer Program,” was first established in 1962 by Chief William H. Parker to motivate the City’s youth to assume responsible positions in various vocations, particularly law enforcement.  The Cadet Program has evolved into a program that strives to improve society through the development of the City’s youth by providing a safe place to engage in educational, social, and life-skills development, in addition to access to pathways that can lead to a brighter future.


Clean San Pedro

“Clean San Pedro” is a grass root organization that was formed to improve the environment and quality of life in San Pedro. The organization began with a group of life long San Pedro residents, tired of the declining conditions of the downtown area getting together and cleaning Pacific Avenue on weekends. It was then realized that with a concerted effort and consistent follow up cleaning, that San Pedro could be transformed to the beautiful city it deserves to be.

“Clean San Pedro”was formed as a 501C3 non profit corporation. CSP was created to provide a two-pronged attack to revitalize the area in San Pedro referred to as the Pacific Corridor. This effort would include a volunteer effort to assist in community clean ups backed by a more important effort of follow up. This follow up effort would consist of having a full time cleaning crew policing the Pacific Corridor.



Sharefest works in LA’s neglected neighborhoods to empower youth, transform communities, and deliver hope.

Sharefest is working to transform communities, empower lives, and fulfill dreams through three major areas of impact: 

1) Each year the Annual Workday positively changes the quality of life for Los Angeles residents by mobilizing thousands of volunteers into the community to complete service projects and meet tangible needs. Local businesses, churches, civic leaders, and residents work together to create communities of care.

2) The Youth Development Academy mentors youth to achieve academic success, serve their communities, and discover a pathway for reaching their highest potential. Currently our school-based provides programming at 4 LAUSD Continuation High Schools. School clubs at various local high schools are providing peer-led volunteer opportunities for students. The Summer Youth Development Academy serves 260 middle and high school students annually, teaching essential leadership skills and enrichment activities. The Youth Development Center is coming in 2017! 

3) The Corporate Services program helps philanthropic businesses partner with government and concerned citizens give back to their communities.

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